How to ensure proper documentation success in SaaS

Though documentation is commonly overlooked, it is an inevitable component to ensure the success of SaaS customers. Documentation is very critical as far as an ongoing subscription service like SaaS is concerned as it requires an enterprise to interact with the customers on a regular and ongoing basis.

SaaS documentation serves as a strong foundation block that can help customers to get themselves cleared about using the products that are offered by an organization. Documentation can also get around the need to make a personal level reach out to an organization as far as a customer is concerned. Thus proper documentation can help a brand in building a long-term relationship with its customers.

Product Documentation: How to Make it Effective

1) ‘Good’ Documentation

Merely having documentation does not serve any purpose. It should adhere to some quality standards. Quality may be a subjective term and varies from one organization to another based on their perspectives. But some of the defining requirements for quality documentation are completeness, correctness, and contextuality.

Completeness can be identified as the incorporation of complete information and specifics about a product and its features. The presented information should not lead to any ambiguity and should be double-checked for its correctness. The documentation should include only relevant information. Contextuality can be identified as to how relevant is the information concerning the particular product.

2) Type of Contents

Documentation should not be merely restricted to writings. In order for the documentation to offer good levels of engagement to the customers, it is important to include attractive images, screenshots, audio, videos, etc. A SaaS enterprise can consider including QR codes in their documentation that lets the customers access their interactive videos, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Images and screenshots can help customers to interpret easily as compared to reading through the entire documentation. Apart from offering a good level of engagement, it can also serve as an effective means to let the customers easily get to know the products.

3) Continuous Improvement of the Documentation

Documentation is something that cannot remain static at all. The documentation should be updated from time to time and should be revised periodically. Improvising the documentation can help the customers to stay updated with the latest information. It can also enable a SaaS enterprise to ensure that the whole document does not become obsolete with time. Whenever some upgrades are made in the product, ensure that the same is reflected in the documentation.

4) Fine-Tuning the Documentation

Documentation should be fine-tuned based on the purpose it serves and the content that it presents. Documentation can fall into categories like how-to-use product guides, references, tutorials, FAQs, etc.

A SaaS enterprise needs to introspect as to which types of documentation they want to present to their customers. How-to-guides can effectively help users on how to go on about completing a task. Tutorials may include multiple chapters on how a user should get on going with a product as they advance with its usage. Reference includes help sources and links that the user may be advised to go through for further information.

5) Personas
Personas are a vital component of SaaS customer success documentation. A customer success persona throws light on what a team needs to know further about their customers. Customers too are humans and they are bound to be unique in their nature and their expectations. Thus instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy for addressing the customers, consider adopting a customer strategy that focuses on customers at an individual-centric level or at a group level based on operations like customer segmentation.

6) Identify the Target Audience
In the pursuit to offer apt documentation to the customers, it is important to identify and study the behavior and nature of the customers. This includes identifying whether you are creating the documentation for the end-users or staff. Such a targeted approach to customers can help an organization to invest their time and energy in developing documentation resources as specific as possible that could be used to ideally target the right audience.


Documentation is a crucial element of SaaS customer success. Proper and well-designed documentation can guide the customers throughout their journey with a product. Effective documentation can enable an organization to ensure better retention of its customers as the documentation complemented by proactive customer support makes the customers subscribed to the services of a brand.

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