SaaS Customer Up-gradation Strategy

The customer up-gradation process is one of the crucial steps that cannot be ignored as it is what leads to customer retention as far as subscription-based services like SaaS is concerned. Customer up-gradations can be identified with respect to addition or improvement to the product features or service levels. Don t get under the pretext that clients will upgrade to the next level since they have been using the services for quite a while now. As far as upgrades go, customers must be able to perceive the value. If they aren’t able to see any value, even after some time, clients are sure to leave rather than upgrade!

What are the reasons for customers not upgrading?

1) Not Able to See the Value

The simplest reason why customers don’t upgrade is that they are unable to see the value that either they anticipated or you promised to deliver on. Unless customers are not capable to see the value, they won’t be interested in upgrading.

2) Poor Communication

It may be that customers don’t want to upgrade because you haven’t communicated to them the value of upgrading. So it is important that you communicate the values associated with upgrading.

3) Getting to know what interests the customers the most

Don’t assume that customers will upgrade for your cause. Making highlights of what interests you the most might not be what the client might look for. So it is important to get input from your customers prior to making a decision about the upgrade.

How to make your customers upgrade?

1) Offer Free Trial

As far as ongoing subscription services like SaaS are concerned, offering a free trial is one of the most adopted business strategies. Can we consider people buying a car without trying it out? Your customers would like to try out your product before they subscribe to your product. Providing a free trial to your clients helps them to get acquainted with your product and identify whether it could provide them the value.

2) Make Multiple Pitches

You have to make multiple pitches so that your ideas strike your customers. If you aren’t making enough pitching, it would be difficult for you to get your customers. You have got to make multiple pitches to get your customer’s attention.

3) Get the Input From Your Clients Before Deciding On The Upgrade

Don’t presume that customers will upgrade for your cause. Highlight what interests you the most could not be what the customer wants. So you need to get the input from the customers before deciding on an upgrade.

4) Provide a great customer experience.

Customer experience isn’t just about products. All interactions between SaaS customers and brands are considered. Customer support and assistance can be overlooked in the rush to deliver quality products to customers. It is very important to provide our customers with excellent support and assistance that helps them find easy and fast solutions. In this digital age, customers use multiple touchpoints to reach your brand. Not finding the right support or support can discourage further upgrades, no matter how good the product is. ,

5) Personalization

Personalization is one of the best approaches to target customers. Instead of using a common strategy that targets all customers, consider personalization strategies that target users in different tiers of paid subscriptions and those in the trial. You might consider using analytics solutions to analyze customer activity, personalize emails, and provide customers with personalized documents, support tools, and dashboard capabilities.

Offer your customers personalized promotions based on demographics, industry, and preferences. Consider offering a discount to customers who plan to upgrade after the trial period, or offering a free upgrade trial. So you should consider making core functionality available to everyone. Once they understand the core features you offer, it makes more sense to stick with your product. This will allow all users to better understand the core functionality we provide.


SaaS companies need to enable customers to use their products and experience value. Upgrades are much easier when customers can see and understand the benefits of your product. Activelobby offers SaaS solutions to customers. We develop cloud-based applications and products based on customer needs. We also provide customer support for our SaaS products. Discover more today.


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